About Us

Yih Jen Industrial Corp specializes in the design and manufacturing of ceiling fans. Our main goal is to create and maintain the highest quality for our customers, which is why all of our fans are created here in Taiwan. We believe the ceiling fan is not just a machine, but an art piece that can transform a room. This thought drives our own designs, creating unique and beautiful fans to suit a variety of tastes and set trends for the future. As a manufacturing company, we also work with our clients to bring their own design concepts to life. Yih Jen uses the latest technologies to provide the highest level of efficiency and comfort.

Yih Jen is a leader in the industry and we currently have clients across six continents. At home in Taiwan, our brand is Versailles. Versailles is well known throughout Taiwan, and has been the top-selling ceiling fan brand in the country for over 25 years.


Simon Lin, Yih Jen's founder and current CEO, established the company in 1995. Simon has been in the ceiling fan industry for 40 years. His passion for ceiling fan design and development, industry knowledge and expertise, and unique vision brought Yih Jen into the international market.


Yih Jen is a family business, and the Lin family is united in its goal to continue to deliver the highest quality fans for years to come. We are constantly looking at ways to perfect and improve on designs and technology, focusing on energy conservation, aesthetics, and living quality.


Yih Jen Industrial Corp. and all management recognize that compliance with international labor standards and the protection of labor rights are fundamental requirements for a responsible enterprise. It is also the expectation of stakeholders such as consumers, customers, the public, and government entities. The Company commits to adhering to national labor laws and regulations, internationally recognized labor ethics, health, safety, environmental standards, as well as other applicable international conventions and relevant laws. The continual improvement of working conditions and labor welfare is a priority. The Company requires all personnel, within the scope of their business operations, to implement good corporate social responsibility and ethical standards and extends this requirement to suppliers.
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